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Lil' About Us

"We were


Quirky bunch"

The kind of quirky bunch that doesn’t really fit into a box or a generalization.

I know these sections of a website tend to be a bore, so I’ll chill on the fluff. It’s clear people like hard edges in this day and age. We basically started off as an improbable crew at college. As friends of friends joined, the community got bigger, and so did our




Five years
ten trips
into it

there is much to be said about the 86 fascinating creatures that inspired this business. I could go on and on about each of them, but basically, they gave such meaning to our lives that they made us go ahead and start a business as ‘travel agents’, which by almost any metric is a dissapearing gig.

F*ck it, we’ll do it live.

With Playground, we wanted to build a space for those who don’t define luxury as douchey opulence.

Luxury for us is to chill
around a fireplace

surrounded by beautiful people

on some Mediterranean beach with friends and a guitar, which hopefully someone knows how to play. Disco balls, string lights, and some funk music all optional goodies. Playground is for those that value genuine life experiences. We’ve built a network of like-minded millenials from all walks of life to be able to open the community up to more people.

Our hope

is to share what we have had and grow a circle that has become a force of good in our lives.

Social Impact

our goal is to do good
The Quadruple Bottom Line is… :

Local Investiment

Our priority is to work with locally-owned businesses.

Local Promotion

Our experiences and activities genuinely reflect the local ecosystems.


Relationships and community are at the core of who we are.

Social Business

We volunteer and re-distribute profits to local social entrepreneurs.

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