Ricardo Bofill's Social Palace

08/24/2016 |

As usual, some good stuff coming to us from Vice. Think social housing project meets badass architect.


"La Muralla Roja (‘The Red Wall’) is a mystical social housing project on Alicante’s Arcadian coastline, conceived by the idealist architect Ricardo Bofill in the late ‘60s. Bofill isn’t just an architect – he’s a visionary who uses his creativity and talent to transcend his art to a higher state of consciousness. His work gives you a sense of heaven on Earth: limitless infinity and connected oneness, allowing its inhabitants to escape their ego and inviting them to realise their true potential, if only momentarily.


There’s a noticeable resurgence of his work trending within current culture, as architect lovers and design enthusiasts alike are rediscovering the wonder laid bare in his utopian structures from Paris to Barcelona. With each exterior unique in form, Bofill’s work reflects multiple architectural trends of the time – Moorish, Brutalist, Neoclassical, and Postmodernist. Looking at his work, it can feel lacking in a clear, linear evolution; it’s hard to decode how he’s gotten from Walden 7 to the W Hotel in Barcelona."


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Ricardo Bofill's Social Palace

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