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That’s what she said


"We really want to thank you for the magical experience we had. We would widely recommend Playground to family and friends planing to visit Morocco." 

Ronderos Family (12 - 85 years old) - Morroco 2016

"I love organizing things and it is not easy for me to do something without knowing/controlling the exact details. I trust the taste of the guys behind Playground so much that I know I will have the best time ever so I don’t even worry for a second before I say yes to any trip. It is really difficult for me to imagine myself going back to most of these places without you and your organizational skills because I know that if I do I will keep comparing it to the time I went with you." 

Lydia, 27 - Dominican Republic 2016

"Being in a group usually complicates things, there are organizations problems, things that we would like to do and see but we can not, too many people or not enough time… This was never the case with Playground trips, the organizations was always under control, the finances were secured before the trip and the program was set up day to day or in advance. I ahve lived extraordinary experiences with incredible people. I’ve met people who are now my friends, I’ve built strong ties on these trips. Destinations are only destinations, all these people I’ve met make them unique!"

Carolina, 25 - Marrakech 2016

"The entire experience was a collection of amazing and unforgettable memories during which every day was a celebration of life and friendship. Leaving these trips always made me feel bittersweet: sad that it was over but feeling empowered, motivated and energized even after the countless afterparties."

Scarlett, 20 - Burning Man 2015

"We felt at home in every destination. If our experience was a tagline, it would be 'Partout, on est chez nous.'"

Sarah, 26 - Colombia 2015

"By far, the best way to discover a new place."

Alp, 27 - Coachella 2015 


“Playground has by far and away the most impressive and extensive local network of providers and tastemakers. Throughout the entire trip I felt that our group was woven into the local social fabric.”

Shirine, 27, Croatia 2014

“Incredible people, amazing destinations, unmatched vibe and memories to last a lifetime.”

Andrew, 30 - Gstaad 2014

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